Weddings, family and earthquakes

I love family weddings! Hanging out with family. Catching up on family news. I love it! Family has always been an important part of my life, even though often I have been far away from them. My relatives are very spread out over the world, which even though it gives us a place to stay when we travel, it's not so great for frequent get togethers! So, when I get the chance to catch up with some of them it's incredibly exciting! Even more exciting when it's the first prolonged hang out time with my brother since my own wedding to Eric 3 1/2 years ago! I loved it!

Last Sunday my brother and his fiancé got married on a beautiful, yet cold winter's day in Christchurch, New Zealand. Their wedding was beautiful, intimate, and so much fun. They looked SO happy! I love looking at the groom's face when he first sees the bride coming up the aisle. And the look on my brother's face was pure love!

Seeing that it was in Christchurch we were all joking about whether there would be an earthquake during the ceremony, not thinking that it would happen at all. But about half-way through the song my brother and sister-in-law asked Eric and I to sing for the reception there was an earthquake... and somehow we just kept right on singing! It was Eric's first ever earthquake mind you... Good thing it only went for about 10 seconds and I don't think it really hit us what we did until about 2 minutes later at the end of the song... It certainly was an experience we'll never forget!

As we left the radiant new Mr & Mrs early the next morning, I thought that I can't wait for the next family get-together! Hopefully it won't include an earthquake...

God's blessings,


Eric & Monique