Top 5

1. Family! We had some of my (Monique's) family over from America for Christmas to join in with the rest of us. I love all my family to bits and it was great to spend some time with them. We cooked, ate, went to church, shopped the boxing day sales, played lots of Dutch Blitz and some Scotland Yard, family photos, and swam during the day and had some night swims as well. Love Christmas family time! 2. I feel like we might have covered at least two in the first.... ;-)

3. Ringwood SDA Church. It was such a lovely church to visit with friendly, supportive people.

4. Summer has arrived! Now, only if we lived next to the beach instead of the desert of West Melbourne suburbia... I feel at least one drive to the beach coming on!

5. Songwriting :-) It's always exciting to get a new song idea! This song is a possible song for the Songs of Ascent tour, April 2012.

Eric & Monique