Happy New Late Year

Happy New Late Year. First blog post of the year. Hope that 2012 is going well for you so far. What do you think about making New Year resolutions? I've tried to set some resolutions in the past, but have always failed to keep them after say, a couple weeks.

But not this year, I'm determined!

2012 is well on it's way and here are my top 3 New Year Resolutions (in no particular order) that I am still keeping, yes! ;)

1) Running & Exercise: At least 30 mins of running one day, walking the next, followed by running the day after that etc. The aim is to run 5km without stopping.

2) Growing in Jesus: Want to spend more time in the Bible and prayer. In fact, I'd love to read through the entire Bible by the end of this year.

3) Reading: To be honest, never been a real fan of reading. I get distracted way too easily and always find excuses to do something more, I guess, 'entertaining'. But reading is good for you so I am committing to reading more this year. So far, so good. "The Great Controversy" is the book of choice at the moment and I'm loving it.

What are your New Year resolutions? Are you keeping them?

- Eric

Eric & Monique