Canada... Aye?

After being in the US for just over a week now, we thought it was about time to update our blog. As I type this, it is raining. It does this almost continually in Oregon. One of our first impressions was the amount of moss on all the trees. Initially, it looks like spring has come early, but no, it's just the moss! Amazingly the warmest and sunniest days we have had occurred when we all hopped into two jam packed vans and drove eight hours north to Vancouver, Canada for the ACTS for Christ conference. While at the ACTS for Christ conference we had the blessing of doing a concert with Songs of Ascent on the Saturday night and again on Sunday night at a local Canadian church.

Being at the ACTS conference was a huge blessing and we really enjoyed the presentations from Jeffrey Rosario, Jay Rosario, Justin Kim & Mark Howard to name a few. The theme of the weekend was about dying to live and focused on John 12:24-25. One of the most memorable quotes, for us anyway, came from the evening meetings with Jay Rosario: "The law of self sacrifice is the law of self preservation. The law of self serving is the law of self distruction."

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Canada. We found that Canadaians are incredibly friendly and actually have some cultural similarities with Australia. The city of Vancouver is very beautiful, especially with all the stunning mountains towering around.

This is just the beginning of our 5 weeks in the US touring with the Songs of Ascent crew.

Eric & Monique