Tour Update & Pics by Alison Brook

Guest blogger and fellow musicianary, Alison Brook, shares some of her amusing highlights and pictures from this weekend's Songs of Ascent tour that we are currently on. Check out her music at

This weekend Songs of Ascent had 3 engagements: the first in Portland, another somewhere I forgot the name of, and the last in Grants Pass. It was a wonderful weekend where we experienced God work. Before I share a few of our quirky moments here are some pictures:


We joke that packing the giant tour van is like playing Tetris.

Portland, OR

Oh Portland how I love thee. I’m tempted to move there, but it rains all the time.

The Grilled Cheese

We ate at a grilled cheese place that had any kind of grilled cheese sandwich you could ever dream of. Oh yea, and the bus was the dining room!


We’ve been projecting the lyrics to our songs for the last few concerts and it’s dramatically increased the impact of our songs.

Maybe these things were only funny because I was tired (you know how everything is funnier when you’re tired?), but I will share nonetheless:

  • Josie told me a story about how her 4 year old nephew loves peanut butter so much that one time when talking about it he got a distant look in his eye and said, “Peanut butter is like smooth brown waves flowing over my teeth.”
  • I had an epic crack during our saturday night concert. It was like a mini female Tarzan interrupted the song for a second. Nothing is more humbling than a giant, unavoidable crack.
  • During the weekend I kept on calling Grants Pass “grass pants.”
  • There was a kid at one of the churches we visited who decided it would be fun to follow Matt around and spit on him.
  • Friday night, as I was eating some chips for supper, I bit my own finger by accident. How does that happen?
  • Before the prayer for potluck sabbath the pastor asked if there were any birthdays in our group so they could sing to us. Everyone said no, but they decided to sing happy birthday anyway. It was great.
  • Matt shared a story about how someone he knew tried to get rid of a mole by taping a raw piece of garlic to it. Instead of getting rid of the mole he gained a scar from garlic burn.

That’s it for now folks. Stay tuned for more.

By Alison Brook

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