Sleeping in Seattle

It's 8pm Thursday night. It has been 33 hours since we woke up in Australia at 6am Thursday morning to fly half way round the world to USA.20121227-201007.jpg20121227-200816.jpg20121227-200447.jpgNow, we are in our hotel at Seattle and our body clocks are slightly confused. (Well, it's a bit darker now...)20121227-201433.jpgTonight, as we walked around Seattle searching for food, we were amazed about how 'Christmasy' it felt. Christmas music in the malls. Massive Christmas trees. 20121227-201900.jpgBeautiful fairy lights. There was even 'snow' falling inside one of the malls! It was pretty cool! As exhausted as our bodies feel, we are excited about being in America and that GYC begins tomorrow! Looking forward to some great, spiritually rejuvenating sermons and catching up with friends. 20121227-201929.jpg

Eric & Monique