#GYC12 So Far...

20121229-214231.jpgAfter having a refreshing 12-14 hours sleep on Thursday night, we were excited for GYC to begin! It's been heaps of fun catching up with friends and meeting some new ones as well.20121229-214253.jpgBut the thing we've been enjoying the most are the messages. There have been so many great points about the character of God that it's honestly getting a little hard to distinguish where they all came from. 20121229-214241.jpgBut here are a few points that impacted us: Friday night "God does not call the qualified. He qualifies those He calls." - Israel Ramos

Sabbath "We love the world less by loving Jesus more." - Wes Peppers

"Jesus Himself never purchased peace through compromise." - Desire of Ages, E G White - Sabbath School Panel

The character of God needs to be reflected in us. The portrait needs to be completed. Not just a pencil outline, but one that is filled in with paint. - Adam Ramdin (not quoted, just summarised)

"The principle of worldiness is to get, get" (PH 149) Vs "Godliness is diffusive and communicative" (3T 543) - David Asscherick & Jeffrey Rosario

Life is short. In the end, the two most important things that matter are God and people. Use your time focusing on what matters. A relationship with God. Telling and showing people who God is. - David Shin (not quoted, just summarised)20121229-214247.jpgIn conclusion we ate crapes!

Eric & Monique