#GYC12 to Baltimore

The first day of 2013 dawned on the horizon, the last day of GYC was about to begin.20130103-135824.jpgThe GYC Conference revitalized and strengthened our faith. The last message was taken by Pr John Bradshaw and many new decisions were made for Jesus!!20130103-140250.jpgWe loved catching up with friends from all over the world and had a little 'Class of 2009' ARISE reunion.20130103-233034.jpg20130103-233120.jpgAfter GYC we had a few hours to kill before our flight so we jumped on a monorail to visit the Space Needle.20130103-233545.jpg20130103-233646.jpgSeattle is a great place to visit, we even saw a pink gorilla playing plastic drums ;)20130103-234203.jpgAfter much excitement we headed to the airport for an all night, almost no sleep flight across the country to Baltimore to spend time with family.20130103-234624.jpg

Eric & Monique