Live at Psalter Studios Album Now Available

20130107-112615.jpg About one and a half years ago we had the blessing to be able to film eight songs from our Pilgrim album for Hope Channel in a live session at Psalter Studios. After listening to how this session turned out we really wanted to be able to share this not just through video, but also as an album. So, three months ago we drove up to Psalter Studios to live record two new songs 'Take Us Home' and 'Everlasting' to add to the live album.

Our dream is that the album will enhance your relationship with Jesus and bring you into a worship experience with Jesus. Think of the album as a live worship concert in your living room. Simple, raw acoustic grand piano, vocals and a number of songs backed by a String Quartet from the Canberra Conservatorium of music arranged by Daniel Brinsmead.

Live at Psalter Studios track list: 1. Everlasting 2. He Knows (String Quartet) 3. It's Time 4. Ask Seek Knock (String Quartet) 5. Underground Believer 6. Pilgrim 7. Sanctuary (String Quartet) 8. Laodicea (String Quartet) 9. Take Us Home

This album is now AVAILABLE for $15 on our store page.

Eric & Monique - Live at Psalter StudiosLive at Psalter Studios
Live at Psalter Studios - Eric & Monique

Here's two of the songs on the live album:

Eric & Monique