Floridian Adventures

We've been in Florida for 1 1/2 weeks. 1 1/2 weeks of sun and warmth. Before that though we were in Tennessee. The five Tennessee concerts were diverse. One Academy. One University. One Church. One Youth Sabbath School. One House Concert. Then we drove 9 hours south to Florida for two weeks of rest and three concerts. To be honest it was a little strange to have time when we could actually relax after such a busy tour so far. But after four days and a concert we were able to finally relax a little. 20130227-142159.jpg20130228-181209.jpgKennedy Space Center. Clearwater Beach. Orlando. Tampa. Fort de Soto. Rainbow Springs. Catchups with friends. We loved our days off in Florida!20130227-140529.jpg20130227-141239.jpg20130228-175939.jpgNow we're off to South Carolina, Maryland and Philadelphia for our last nine concerts of the Songs of Ascent Winter Tour. ~Monique

Eric & Monique