Songs of Ascent Winter Tour


The nine-week Songs of Ascent Winter tour has come to an end. So we thought we'd take a bit of space to share about the tour. We have loved touring and doing ministry with Matt & Josie Minikus and Bryant Rodriguez. You can read more about what we did throughout the last two months here, here and here. It has been an amazing experience. The first time we have been on a tour that constantly travelled around for nine weeks!In nine weeks we did...3 house concerts + 28 concerts + 9 school chapels + 4 miscellaneous music events = 41 music events. We have driven 9,138 miles throughout the tour and roughly 2,934 people have attended the 41 music events.When you travel with a group of people, certain phrases continually pop up. Such as...

Matt's constant phrase: "The facts are..."

Bryant's continual repetitions: "Weak sauce" "Haeeeye" "So, where am I sleeping tonight?"

When we have an idea but its too late in the tour to implement it. Someone would undoubtedly say: "...Rend my garments" along with the appropriate gestures.

After looking at the Thai menu for awhile Eric would always say every time: "So, I'm going with the Pad Thai."

When we are trying to figure out what to eat: "Hey, there's always Taco Bell..." "Is it above 4-stars? (Referring to the Yelp rating)"

At every house we stayed at: "Do you happen to have a Wi-Fi here?"

Every third day of the tour: "We need to go to Walmart to buy some water."

Common phrases while doing sound check: "It could be louder." "It needs more depth." "It sounds really thin."


Constant comparisons using the phrase "buck rabbit". e.g. "It's hotter than a fried buck rabbit." "It's colder than a frozen buck rabbit." "That guy is as blunt as a flat faced buck rabbit." Throughout the tour there were many testimonies that blessed us and, at times, gave us the energy to keep going. Here are just a few of the many:

A boy was in trouble for doing something wrong, but wouldn't take responsibility for it. After the concert the boy said he didn't want to be that type of person anymore, so he owned up and took responsibility for his actions.

A man wanted to apply the principles of Psalms 103 in the home as a father and husband.

A woman contacted us a bit after the concert and told us how the concert inspired her to start devotions.

A little boy bought the everything bundle (which was five CDs) with his own money.

One of the best testimonies came after our last concert. A lady and a man came up and told how throughout the concert we, as artists, became invisible as the worship experience enabled them to focus solely on God.


Songs of Ascent Winter Tour 2013 is over... It's definitely sad, but God is continually leading the future of this ministry.

"Bless the Lord, O my soul!" - Psalm 103 ~ Eric & Monique

Eric & Monique