We Love Switzerland!


IMG_5736 Switzerland has raised the bar on so many levels. Cheese! Mountains! Chocolate! Did I mention the mountains? As Eric would say, "Switzerland seems to have a better version of everything. Even the cows are moo-ier."

We stayed with some friends, Simon and Beni, and their house mates for just under a week. We were so thankful to be able to stay with them. After being on the road for nearly three months, staying in one place is such a rarity and an absolute amazing blessing. We had some great times catching up, jamming, listening to some of Benni's songs (seriously we are fans!), and eating some yum Swiss food!

We had a perfect day in the JungFrau alps. Mountains so high and magnificent they almost seem unreal as they shoot up from the valley into the sky. The bluest sky contrasting with glistening snow. Absolutely stunning!


Image 2

Racing from the alps to Zurich Adventist Church we had a concert that exceeded all our expectations. We loved meeting the people who came and getting to know them a bit. It was an amazing evening!


Sabbath saw us at a small family church in the morning to take the church service. Such a friendly church! We loved being there and getting to know them all.


Saturday night we did a closing Sabbath concert at Aarau for their special Timeout Youth service that takes place four times a year. The concert and fellowship afterwards was truly special. Amazing people! We felt God's blessing all throughout the weekend.



We finished up our time in Switzerland by helping our Swiss friend to find his inner tourist as we went to Luzern and a castle at Aarau. Although it was cloudy, misty and a little rainy, Luzern was beautiful!



In summary. We love Switzerland!

This weekend we are in Mannheim, Germany for a Friday night concert at the Youth in Mission conference. Hope to see some of you guys there!

For upcoming concert details, click here.

Eric & Monique