UK & Europe Tour Begins

20130320-094022.jpgOur first impression consisted largely of a heavy fish scent as the sun peaked through the grey horizon. Driving towards Reykjavik to our right, vast moss-covered plains dominated our view, while on the left, coastal towns sunk into the rocky landscape meeting the expansive Atlantic Ocean. Our one night stop over in Iceland began at 6am after taking the morning worship at the GC and a red-eye from New York (JFK). This combination turned into a short nap at our accommodation that made us feel like we were in Iceland for two nights rather than one. Following our nap, a trip to the top of the cathedral gave us a view of the gorgeous mountains and colourful homes, while a walk around the windy capital had us discovering a music store with the most unique collection of instruments we have seen. Our stop over ended with relaxation at the stunning Blue Lagoon.20130320-094047.jpgArriving in England we got immediately excited by the mixture of the ancient with the modern. The Tower of London opposite the imposing structure of The Shard. Stonehenge not 600 meters from a highway. SmartCars and VW Golfs squeezing through 15th century alleyways originally intended for the horse and cart. A modern SDA church plant settled in a church built in 1720.20130320-093846.jpg20130320-094030.jpg20130320-093835.jpg20130320-091630.jpg20130320-091720.jpgOur short whirlwind tour in England saw us travel 1095 miles. We went as far south as St Austell, Cornwall and as far north as Manchester. We enjoyed the hospitality of some old friends as well as some newly acquainted ones. We are forever grateful to those who open up their homes to us during our touring. We would not be able to do music ministry without you! Thank you for your amazing hospitality.20130320-091704.jpgWe just want to share with you some of the testimonies from our time in England: One concert had 1/3 of the attendance who did not attend church.

A lady who told us how after the difficult week, she had experienced God spoke through our Word and song concert and it gave peace to her heart.

St Austell spent some time with us at the end of our concert in a dedicated prayer to send us off on our touring. It was incredibly special and an absolute blessing.

20130320-091653.jpgWe've just flown to Europe and over the next four weeks we have concerts in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden! Check out our tour page for the exact details for each concert.

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~ Eric & Monique

Eric & Monique