Sweden of Scandinavia

IMG_7444 This was our first impression of Sweden. Driving along with a frozen lake on our right and a forest of straight fir trees on our left. As we slowly left Norway the speed limits increased and the Fjords melted into countryside plains. And we drove. A drive that was similar to the others that have occurred in the last two weeks - it us go just a little bit crazy. I guess there's only so much driving a person can do in a short amount of time before it gets all too much. However, I must say that a two-hour drive really just feels like a 5 minute jaunt down to the corner store. Weird how perspective changes according to circumstance.


While in Sweden we were able to go into Stockholm to take a look around. The day began with a fair bit of rain that we were glad to see cleared up after a zig zag trip in and out of one too many tourist shops to get warm. With the rain bloated waters of the rivers roaring under the bridges we walked around the beautiful old centre of the city.


The old centre, called Gamla Stan, brought an array of colourful buildings built flush against each other with cobblestone pathways in between and churches that boasted of elegant simplicity. The day was dreary, yet it somehow matched the mediaeval feel of this part of Stockholm and the hot chocolate I carried around in my hand.



We were able to enjoy our Sabbath and the last three music events at Ekebyholm, which is about 50 minutes drive north of Stockholm. Ekebyholm is the Adventist high school in Sweden and is located on the estate of an old Swedish castle which was bought by the Adventist school in 1932.

IMG_0333 And this is their cafeteria. Yes, we are serious! Look at that chandelier, mirror and old painting! I'm sure this castle could be a tourist attraction. So in brief our weekend consisted of: Friday night concert, Sabbath morning church service and a closing Sabbath worship. The hospitality at Ekebyholm was amazing! They were all so lovely and the food was so yummy! We loved meeting so many nice people and worshipping Jesus with them. The closing Sabbath worship for the Norrköping SDA church was a very special way to end the round-the-world tour.






After the closing Sabbath worship, the strange feeling that it was all over hit us. After four months of constant concerts we were met with 3 weeks before the next round of events begin. We are so thankful to God for looking after us throughout the last four months!

~ Monique

Eric & Monique