The Long Journey Home

IMG_7606 So, we found the south of Sweden to be a little bit less icy. On our 7 hour drive from Ekebyholm to Copenhagen we enjoyed stunning blue skies and beautiful spring-like weather. Grey skies be gone! Snow? What is that again? There was even some green grass! It was only about 9°C, so we tried to not get too carried away... But after spending virtually 11 months out of the last 13 in sweater weather, we get excited about the little things.


It didn't last too long as the next day, our last in Europe, was once again drizzly and cloudy. But we were able to catch up with a good friend that I (Monique) hadn't seen in about 8 years! It was amazingly good to hang out again for a little bit! One unexpected part of our trip around the globe was how many friends we were able to catch up with. Friends that we thought we wouldn't see again, at least until we are all in heaven. We are so thankful that God has brought them all into our lives. It has been an absolute blast and we are so thankful to God for each moment we were able to spend catching up.


Then we got on a plane. Then another. And another. And another. Then a train. Then a car. And we were finally at the end of our journey home to Australia. How long the journey was really does depend on perspective. Whether you are Australian... or if you are from another place... If you are Australian, maybe it wasn't too long. If you are from Europe... then it was a lifetime! In total, if we don't count the 7 hour drive from Sweden and the overnight at Copenhagen, it was 36 hours. It wasn't actually too bad. I thought it would be worse. But it wasn't.

IMG_7691Flying over United Arab Emirates

IMG_7659Abu Dhabi Airport

IMG_7705Singapore Airport

It's been four months since we had been back in Australia. So much has happened. Yet, so much is still the same. Isn't that the way? Yet...

We are beyond blessed by the journey God has taken us on that almost seemed surreal.

We are amazed by the support of our friends and family and so many people that we just met within the last four months.

We are thankful for those who opened up their churches, schools, universities, and homes for a concert.

We are humbled by all the amazing hospitable people who opened their houses to us and made it feel like home, even if just for a night.

We are excited that this is only just the beginning of full-time music ministry in 2013.

~ Eric & Monique

Eric & Monique