NSW & VIC Tour Recap

Is it really only two days away from November? Seriously! We can hardly believe how fast this year is going! So fast and busy that we are about three months behind in tour recap blogs. Since July we have been on a NSW & VIC tour throughout July to September. On these two tours we had the privilege of doing ministry at churches, schools, a university, two radio stations, and even at someones house.


We were astounded at the hospitable atmosphere at Epping SDA Church. Such a beautiful church family who have the best luncheon every week!


We had a fantastic time at 'My House' in Newcastle, which my uncle pastors, and being a part of the ministry for the day. We visited this church a few years ago while doing some recording in Sydney and it's so amazing to see what God is doing in this community.


It continually astounds me how much work aside from 'singing' music ministry makes up! But it's such a joy to be able to choose the location of our office.


I love telling stories!


Playing live on the radio for Rhema FM in Newcastle!


These two guys have such a heart for media ministry! We really enjoyed working with Hunty and Caroline a few years ago for a HOPE Channel project in Victoria and it was a pleasure to be able to work with them again for a concert at Wahroonga for www.findjesus.tv.


The road. At night. Our view after many of the concert nights.


On our way through NSW we visited Kempsey for a few days. What a cool area! We had a great time singing and sharing stories at the school and catching up with some friends and former colleagues we haven't seen in a while. Had a brilliant Sabbath fellowshipping and sharing the gospel through Word & song at a closing Sabbath concert.


My hand gestures & expressiveness has caused several collisions throughout the last two tours. With set ups being different each time, with differing amounts of space, I have managed with not only whack Eric's mic stand a few times, but once I also sent it flying! Opps!


Love singing for Jesus! Fairy lights are just an added bonus!


School ministry takes a special place in our year. We love being able to share Jesus' love and trustfulness through stories & music! We had the privilege of visiting the two schools I've taught at in Victoria and it was so wonderful! It was so good to catch up with my former students and colleagues! Love seeing how God is working in their lives.


Enjoying Island life while visiting with my parents.


Sound checks. Sometimes I get a little bit distracted... while Eric plays the piano patiently.


Sunrises. Honestly I never saw many of them before doing music ministry. But WOW are they beautiful! We serve a creative God! ~M

Eric & Monique