PNG 6 Change began in my life from a young age. The first was before I could remember, when I was a baby my family moved from Lismore to Coorangbong for my parents to go to Avondale College. A few years later began the first big change that has influence so much of my life. When I was 5 1/2 my family moved to Papua New Guinea.


Even though I was so young I can remember a remarkable amount of what it was like. My parents packing up the house and sleeping the last night on our two single armchairs pushed together. Making chocolates in moulds while my parents were at a two week course at a Mission Institute. Being on a large plane full of strangers and my brother being so excited he needed to use the vomit bag. Walking around the plane with Dad, talking to another missionary family who were also going up to the same place as us and meeting their daughter. Getting out of the airport in Goroka. My brother and I sitting in the back of the ute on the DIY seats complete with seat belts. 


This was the beginning of an adventure. An adventure that often was seriously awesome, but sometimes incredibly difficult. 


Yet, I am so thankful that my parents answered God's call to teach in the Highlands as these 3 1/2 years were the beginning of my journey of faith and when I first knew that I personally believed in Jesus Christ.


It was the place where I learnt how to snorkel, had a short scuba drive with my Dad, and began to overcome my fear of putting my head under water. The place where I sang in front of a church full of people for the first time.


The place where I learnt that love, friendship and God transcends cultural backgrounds. I learnt that Cowcow (a type of Sweet Potato) is incredibly hard to eat without milk or water and that flowers grow incredibly high when fed with leftovers secreted from the dinner table. I learnt and saw that the Great Controversy between God and Satan is real. And I learnt that God provides the best safety when tribal wars are breaking out, when black-market rascals (thieves) are stealing in the night, when earthquakes are creating waves underfoot, and when health suddenly deteriorates enough to cause my family's evacuation.


The years we had in PNG were filled with powerful persuasion that the God of the Bible is real and that He personally cares for me. I learnt that I can cling onto Him when life serves me a situation beyond my understanding. For me, my life changing at the age of 5 1/2 led me on a path to follow God no matter where and no matter what. It was a journey that spanned beyond the years in PNG and that led me through some very difficult times, where I had the choice to trust in God and leave my burdens at His feet or to try or figure them out for myself.


In the end God prevailed.

In the end, if we trust Him, God always prevails. ~ Monique


Eric & Monique