North Queensland Tour Recap

Our recent trip to North Queensland was amazing! We met many wonderful people and saw many beautiful sights (check the pics below). On the tour we met a woman who had been at one of our concerts two years ago & she told us of how God had used our message & song in her life. Two years ago she had been in a place where she had turned away from God. She wasn't feeling good & didn't want to come to our concert, but had gotten stuck at the church, so she hid away in the baby room waiting for her ride. During our concert she said she heard the music & message through the speakers in the baby room & that God had touched her heart to the point of crying. After the concert Eric felt a strong impression to give her a CD as she had no money with her. She kept listening to the music & told us how through the message in our music, God had led her to come back to Him! Praise God! - E & M

Eric & Monique