Christ Shown

Stepping into a new week in the second month of 2014, I'm already amazed by what God has done for us this year. But why should I be amazed? Surprised? Is it my lack of faith and trust that is constantly surprised by the moments of Jesus' providence? He is always there. He has always loved and cared. It is I who turns away, be it momentarily, from the One who is my Sacrifice, High Priest and King. Trusting rather in my worry, rather than His strength.

Jesus. The Creator of all things made, loved us to the point of death from the beginning of the world. Put into words an intricate weave of symbols that pointed towards the promise of a saviour. Put into action a plan that shocked to the core the angels of heaven. The Son of God set Himself down as ONE offering for us all. That we would have the choice of Grace.

So, I sit here amazed, thankful and at peace.

~ Monique

Eric & Monique