2016 - A Season of Surprises

Hello everyone,

I guess we'll start off with the most exciting news of 2016. We're expecting our first baby early April 2017. Oh and it's a boy! If you follow us on social media or are on our email list then this may be old news. We wanted to let you know about this massive change that's happening in our lives. We are growing in excitement about this baby boy as we get closer to April and especially now that he's actually kicking around at 28 weeks. 

We'll be honest, the timing of the baby news was a surprise as we were in the middle of planning a massive music ministry tour to Europe and USA for the first half of 2017. It was going to be an epic tour and we had been asked to come to Norway for a conference. Let's just say it was all just very exciting! We had dreams of going all around USA and Europe and then we found out we were pregnant... A flux of emotions followed... we like to joke that we went through the 5 stages of grief, yet at the same time having a little smile on our faces. With this big change in our lives we have faith that, as with other unexpected changes in life (like having to move to a new rental home last week), this also is in God's plan. And we are happy to rest in His plan and postpone our tour to Europe and USA until after we've adjusted to our little third wheel hehe.

One of the big questions and challenges we'll face is: "What will it be like touring with a baby?" Perhaps we will hire a nanny or a babysitter in different towns. Perhaps a lucky person will come on the road with us and get the bonus of travel with the catch of looking after our baby during concerts and sound checks. Maybe the baby will be strapped to Monique during a concert in one of those Baby Bjorn thingys or we may even ask a nice little old lady to hold the baby in the front row. The point is, this is something we'll figure out. But you know what? The cool thing with having a job like we do is that we'll get to spend heaps of time with our baby. Concerts and setup only go for 2-4 hours and the rest of the time we will have free for our kid. One thing is for sure we've decided to wait until the baby's here and figure out what type of personality he has before making those types of decisions. We feel called to continue doing music ministry and many people have said to us that doing the baby thing with ministry is easier than it seems. This has come from those that have been doing music ministry for years with kids. That being said we're not super keen to create a family band though. If the kids want to sing with us eventually than sure, but we're not going to encourage it. 

So 2016 has been a season of changes. After the craziness that was 2015 with the Everlasting album production, release and 6 month tour in Australia, UK and Europe, we decided to take a bit more of a 'rest year' for 2016. We enjoyed touring throughout Australia to take 32 concerts and Messages through word & song. For 2017 we are planning to be touring locally around where we live near Melbourne through January to March. We feel blessed to live in Australia where the Government gives parental leave payments, which will help when our baby boy comes along. With this we will be taking a short period of maternity leave to adjust and in the second half of 2017 our dream is to do a big tour somewhere... we'll keep you posted. If you are interested in booking us for a concert, church service or conference for 2017, please give us an email to start chatting about possibilities. 

We hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a beautiful beginning to 2017. Thank you again everyone for your warm support, friendship and prayers. We know that we couldn't do this without you all and we appreciate the continual support.

Love and blessings, 

Eric & Monique  

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