Baby Brain Moments #1

Story time!

Recently at Warragul SDA Church we had a feedback issue with the mics as we were about to introduce ourselves. It was a surprise as it wasn’t there during sound check. Eric started to introduce ourselves without a mic while I tried to figure it out with the sound guy. Being a really tired Mum, as Ezra’s has a tough 24 hours, I didn’t listen to a word Eric said.


After the issue was fixed, I joined Eric and he promptly handed me the mic indicating for me to add something to the intro.

My mind was blank.

Baby brain! 🤷🏻‍♀️

So I rambled (possibly embarrassingly... 🙄 if I got embarrassed about that sort of thing) until I thought of something that would’ve been different to what Eric might have said. 💁🏻After that I prayed and we got into our Message through word & song and all proceeded drama free. 

Tired Mum