How to Become a "Morning Person”

For my whole life mornings have just not been my thing. I've been known to easily sleep in to midday or even 1pm without breaking a sweat. Eric, when we first got married, has admitted to coming quietly up to my sleeping body to check I was still alive! When I was a teacher I felt like I was sleep walking until the first bell rang and one of my office mates once called me a Koala. 

Sleeping. It's my thing. 

I adore it! 

But along came Music Ministry... Where I had to wake up even earlier than teaching! It was horrendous! Then came the pregnancy and the baby! Agh! It's like my life declared an all out war against my ability to sleep in. 

But like anything difficult, you just got find a way to survive.... and hopefully thrive (jokes! waking up early will never be thriving in my book). So okay, this is still a work in progress.

How to be a "Morning Person"

I still definitely struggle waking up, as Eric can attest to. But there are certain ideas that I have implemented into my life that have helped this transition.

#1 Have a baby! 

Have a baby and you'll simply have choice to become an all-hours-of-the-morning person. (Jokes! No, seriously, I have no choice now...)

#2 Maximise Sleep Time

It all starts the night before. If I'm getting up really, really early I try to prep as much as possible the night before. That a means getting my clothes ready the day before, my bag packed, and having an idea on what to eat for breakfast. Also, we try to set a time to a time to shut off, calm down and get ready for bed. All of this can be helpful to make it easier to get up in the morning, and let's face it, try to maximise sleeping time! 

#3 Create excitement to wake up to

Creating an exciting, interesting routine. This is not something I'm too good at following all the time. I can get into a really great run of routine driven mornings and then a music ministry weekend pops up and I just don't want to wake up that little bit earlier to do the whole routine. BUT, that said, the routine that seems to help me the most in the mornings involve: Lemon water, breakfast, devotional, hot drink, exercise and getting ready for the day. With a baby this seems to stretch out sometimes, like this morning where I only finished it at 10:30am! Or some of the items drop off. So this isn't really exciting, but with all of these elements combined I feel most ready for a day, especially seeing that unless we're on tour we work from home. And with that in mind... 

#4 Have a shower and get ready

One of my most relaxing things to do is to just hang out in my PJs all day long. So, that means that if I want to be a 'morning person' it's imperative for me to shake off the sleep by actually getting ready with a shower. I've found this so important seeing that we work in our office from home. Getting ready for the day, not in track pants and a hoodie... though there's nothing wrong with that... helps to put my mind in the right place. This was something that I even made sure I did when we first had baby Ezra. It helped me to be able to deal with the major sleep deprivation by waking up with a refreshing shower each morning. 

#5 If all else fails... fake it till you make it. 

Because let's face it. I'm not a morning person and I'm not sure if I ever will be. But I sure do know how to act awake and happy even if all I want to do is crawl back in bed until a reasonable hour of the morning.