Rode VideoMicMe Unboxing Video

Smartphones, for the most part, have good inbuilt microphones for capturing fairly decent sound in many difference scenarios. Where smartphone microphones come undone is usually when too much background noise is present or on a very windy day, it is difficult to hear clearly what you are recording. 

After much research on YouTube, we decided to invest in the Rode VideoMicMe for smartphones. This is a shotgun microphone which picks up superb audio in the direction you are pointing the microphone and has the ability to cancel out a lot of the background noise that you often don't want (especially coming from behind the microphone). 

I decided to do an unboxing video of this product and put it up on our YouTube channel. I'll be doing an outdoor test on the microphone soon.

We hope to use this microphone to get amazing audio quality while filming vlogs on the road and for doing Facebook and Instagram live streams.

- Eric

Eric does an unboxing of the Rode VideoMic Me and shows a quick comparison between the default microphone on the iPhone 6s and the VideoMic Me.