Faith Makes a Fool of What Makes Sense

We've been listening to the Of Dirt And Grace record from Hillsong United on repeat recently and the following lyrics stood out.

“Faith makes a fool of what makes sense” - Here Now (Madness)

Can the mundane be an enemy to our faith? Personally, when we found out we were pregnant last year it threw us into another test of faith. Although we have an Ebenezer filled with God’s goodness and providence in our lives, this was new. It was almost as though the tough had become our mundane. This new step at times has thrown us through a loop, giving us the opportunity a new to trust beyond our sight in a situation that's beyond our life experience and grasp. The beauty of faith in God comes in these moments.

The moments shrouded in a future fog where we choose to trust with our minds while our hearts are still crying. Because it is then that peace descends and our faith is always rewarded. It might not be in that particular moment or even the next. But in His perfect timing. His providence, His will prevails each and every time. In this, we can have faith. In a God bigger than our problems, yet small enough to live in our hearts.

“Faith makes a fool of what makes sense” - Here Now (Madness)

When on that road filled with fog, it might seem foolish to believe, to trust that God has a plan and will make a way. But faith beyond sight is always solid when it is God that we trust.