Meet Ezra

Hello, friends, family and supporters! It's been 8 weeks of newborn haze since the arrival of our baby boy. If you haven't been following the journey on social media much lately you might have missed our announcement. We are very proud of "Ezra Eric Johnson" who entered the world at 9:34 pm on Monday night the 10th April 2017. At birth, Ezra weighed in at 3.33kg (7lb and 5.4 ounces). Both Ezra and mum were very healthy but it was a long day as Ezra didn't want to leave mum. The waters actually broke at 5 am on the 8th April which was a Saturday and Monique got induced about 50 hours after that. It was all a bit of a blur and a lot went down that day and we could save that story for another time. He is an absolute delight and we are so grateful to God for keeping both mum and baby healthy during the labour. We are very proud new parents. He absolutely loves food, playing with his toy friends and loves hearing us sing. He's such a smiley, happy little cutie. If you want to catch up on some of the photos just scroll down on our Instagram. Oh and follow us while you're there.